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 Fashion Knit 


Slinky Knit Prints

These Slinky Knit prints are polyester with lycra.  They are nice for tops, knit jackets that drape, and dresses.  Getting ready for a cruise, try these.

Information about this Fabric:
Content: 92% Polyester/ 8 % Lycra
Width: 60 & 44 inches
Care: Machine washable, delicate cycle, lay flat to dry.
Shrinkage: 1-2 inches per yd
Conversion Chart / Quantity Help

Retail  $9.98 yd & $8.98 yd 
Our Price  $7.98 & $7.18 yd


Kwik Sew Pattern 3825

Slinky Knit Prints                   Color:  Wine Patchwork    
Code No. SLINKY-WINEPAT                        60 inch width

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2 1/2 yards left
Slinky Knit Prints                   Color:  Blue Patchwork   
Code No. SLINKY-BLUEPAT                     60 inch width 

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Slinky Knit Prints                   Color:  Lavender Tropical     
Code No. SLINKY-LAVTROP                      44 inch width 

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Slinky Knit Prints                   Color:  Blue/Violet Paisley    
Code No. SLINKY-PAISLEY                      44 inch width 

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